Asset based lending

Asset based lending

Asset based lending (ABL) enables larger businesses to raise higher levels of funding than invoice finance alone, ideal for facilitating strategic plans or simply releasing additional working capital.

About asset based lending

Asset based lending blends invoice finance with funds released against other asset classes on your balance sheet, such as stock, property or plant and machinery.

ABL is an excellent option for businesses looking to finance a management buy-out/buy-in, a merger or an acquisition. Alternatively the extra funds can be used as a contingency, providing additional working capital as and when required.

Asset based lending
Funding structure

Funding structure

Our approach is fully bespoke and based on the specific requirements of the transaction and the structure of each business. We fund against both inventory and property on a flexible basis and up to 90% prepayment on accounts receivable.

We are also able to offer an additional funding stream for plant and machinery through our asset finance division, Close Brothers Asset Finance

For businesses with proof of strong cash generation in the past and with positive cash forecast for the future, a cash flow loan may also be available to top-up funding where required. 



We are part of Close Brothers Group plc

Part of Close Brothers: A modern merchant bank

Close Brothers Invoice Finance is part of Close Brothers Group plc, a leading merchant banking group with traditional values and an ethical approach to lending.

Offering the flexibility of an independent provider, combined with our financial strength as a well-capitalised FTSE 250 company, we offer the best of both worlds. 

Is asset based lending suitable for my business?

Is asset based lending suitable for my business?

Our asset based lending solution is primarily aimed at larger companies that have a turnover in excess of €14m/£10m and which are looking to raise between €2.8m/£2m and €57m/£50m to expand, restructure or refinance.

To speak to a funding specialist about whether ABL could be suitable for your business, please call 01 901 5243.

Why choose asset based lending:


Higher levels of funding than invoice finance alone


Release working capital against both stock and property


Additional funding stream available for plant and machinery


Top-up cash flow finance


Financial stability of an independent and well-capitalised FTSE 250 company


A bespoke solution, designed around your specific requirements

To find out more about ABL, please call: 01 871 1060