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Feature deal

Welcome to our quarterly bulletin, showcasing some of our recent new clients.

Feature deal

Industry: Manufacturing

Product: Invoice Discounting with IDeal

Invoice discounting and Liquidity Plus facility provides manufacturing firm with increased working capital. Read more

Latest Deals

Industry Product Facility Corporate Objective
Energy Efficiency    


Disclosed Invoice Discounting £1.1m Enhance cash flow


IDeal™ €250k Business growth
Wholesale IDeal™ £1m Increase working capital
Import & Distribution    


IDeal™ £450k Business growth
Recruitment, Facility Management & Logistics IDeal™ €250k Increase funding
Haulage Confidential Invoice Discounting Protected £350k Enhahce cash flow


IDeal™ €250k Start-up finance
Commercial Services    


Sale & HP Back €400k Enhance cash flow
Construction Lease €230k Support business growth
Engineering Sale & HP Back €200k Increase working capital


Sale & HP Back €800k Business growth

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