Six reasons to use asset finance to invest in equipment

Man in hard hard in front of construction site
Asset finance enables businesses to release cash from their assets or spread the costs of new equipment over time.

This straight-forward finance solution is used by a wide range of organisations, but what makes it such an attractive option? We explore some of the benefits of an asset finance facility with Close Brothers:


This type of finance is a flexible way to raise funds because most ‘assets’ are considered – we’ve funded everything from a standard tractor to a specialised printing press.

We’re also able to tailor repayments to take account of seasonal fluctuations in your trading schedule.


We understand that trading moves rapidly and aim to deliver fast lending decisions – often within a day or two of our initial meeting with you.


Asset finance gives you uninterrupted use of your assets, allowing you to continue with a business-as-usual service while releasing cash from equipment or breaking down upfront costs into manageable instalments.


We agree a payment plan with you upfront, so that you can budget for secure, fixed costs of your assets. This can make cash flow easier to manage.

Standalone finance

Asset finance won’t affect other financial arrangements you have in place and, because the loan is secured against the asset itself, we will consider finance proposals that may have been refused elsewhere.


Our sale and HP back and refinancing products enable businesses to unlock capital held in existing assets. In comparison, our hire purchase, finance lease and operating lease products allow companies to access the machinery they need without an upfront outlay. 

All of our asset finance products are designed to meet different commercial needs and give you more freedom when financial planning. Find out more.


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